Are you tired of listening sounds of your noisy AC, are you fed up with the dripping water from your AC, is your condenser fan is not working properly or is there any other problem in your air-conditioner which prevents it from producing optimum results? So, no need to get worried, our experienced technicians can help you out with all the problems occurring in your air-conditioner. Come to the jumbo services to get your AC back in its good shape and you will find it working properly after serviced by our technicians. Jumbo services provide the service for both the types of air-conditioners i.e., window type air-conditioner and split type air-conditioner.


Some common problems that happen with window type air-conditioner are water dripping, ice formation, low cooling performance. Water dripping happens due to the improper mounting angle of the AC, it can be resolved by giving some slope to the AC toward the rear side so that condenser water can flow outside through the drain pipe. Sometimes the level of refrigerant goes down than the required amount, then cooling temperature also gets much lower than the normal value. This creates moisture in the room which condenses on the coil and freezes. AC technicians can determine the refrigerant level in the AC. Don’t worry if this is the case with your AC contact jumbo services for the best ac service in Chandigarh.


Split AC users also find some common problems such as lack of cooling, gas leakage, faulty compressor, AC turning on and off constantly. Lack of cooling can happen due to the dirt on the air filters so cleaning of air filters will be effective. Gas leakage or the low level of refrigerant is also responsible for improper cooling. This happens with the people living in the areas where the air pollution is high. Don’t panic visit the jumbo services, our technician will find any leakages in your AC. Our technicians are the most experienced ones in Chandigarh, we assure you to provide the better AC services in Chandigarh.

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