Air conditioning is one of the most used in summer. Many homes keep them on throughout the day, something that supposes an extra expense on the bill, repair expense at the end of the month especially in the summer. Continuous use of your air conditioning device can make it more unguarded to mechanical problems, which can increase the repair costs. Find out how you can keep your AC system functioning properly and minimize costly AC repair in Chandigarh as summer temperatures arrive.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning the air conditioner is always a key recommendation when it comes to ensuring proper operation, which will allow you to spend less since an air conditioner will consume more energy to maintain the desired temperature when dirty. All air conditioners have filtering systems, one to stop dust and one to remove impurities and odors. To ensure its proper functioning, it is necessary to keep the filters free of dust and clean the appliance at least once a year. Cleaning can be done with lukewarm water and even with liquid soap, once dry, they can be replaced.

Change the air conditioning filter regularly

Do you know where your air filter is? You have one inside the housing of your air conditioning unit, and there may also be one in the return air vent. You should check the filters in your air system at least once a month during the cooling system and change them if they are dirty. Dirty air filters mean that your air conditioner has to work harder to bring in air to cool down. Cleaner filters equate to more efficient AC.

Suitable temperature

Getting 5ºC below the outside temperature is enough to have the sensation of freshness. Experts recommend that the temperature difference between the interior and the exterior should not exceed 12º. Putting the air between 24º and 26º is the best way to combat the heat without having an excess effect on the electricity bill.

Clean Your Air Ducts

You should additionally take a look at and smooth your air ducts regularly to make sure the most useful airflow. Similar to filters, dirty or blocked ducts can grow the strain in your unit, making it extra at risk of malfunction and damage. While you’re cleansing your ducts, you have to also appearance interior for feasible leaks inside the ductwork and take steps to have them fixed to save you strength waste.

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