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Are you looking for a reliable Ac service in Mohali? If yes, then you are in the right place. Jumbo Services provide the best AC repair, installation and maintenance services in Mohali. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing quality services at affordable prices. With our expertise and knowledge, we can help you maintain your ACs in a hassle-free manner. Whether it’s an installation or repair job, we ensure that all jobs are completed as per the highest industry standards. So if you are looking for an AC service provider in Mohali, look no further than us!

Types of AC Services

Jumbo services offer different types of services to cater to the needs of their customers. Here are some of the most common types of AC services in Mohali:


Ac Installation


AC Repair


AC Service

AC Installation and Replacement

If you're buying a new AC unit or need to replace an existing one, then you'll need installation and replacement services. Jumbo services can help you choose the right AC unit based on your needs and budget and install it in your home or office.

AC Cleaning

AC cleaning is essential to keep your AC unit free from dirt, dust, and other debris that can hinder its performance. We use specialized cleaning equipment to remove dirt and debris from the AC unit's internal components.

Gas Refilling

If your AC unit isn't cooling correctly, it may need gas refilling. Our technicians will check the refrigerant level and refill it to ensure that your AC unit is functioning correctly.

Benefits of AC Maintenance

Regular AC maintenance offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased Energy Efficiency: A well-maintained AC unit uses less energy, leading to lower energy bills.
  • Extended Lifespan: Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your AC unit, saving you money on costly repairs and replacements.
  • Improved Air Quality: A clean AC unit can improve the air quality in your home or office by reducing the amount of dust, dirt, and other allergens circulating in the air.
  • Improved Performance: Regular maintenance can ensure that your AC unit is functioning at its best, providing optimal cooling performance.

Tips for Choosing the Right AC Service Provider

Choosing the right AC service provider is crucial to ensure that your AC unit is in top condition. Here are some tips to help you choose the right AC service provider:

  • Check their License and Insurance: Make sure that the AC service provider is licensed and insured to perform AC services.
  • Look for Experience: Choose an AC service provider with several years of experience in the industry.
  • Check Reviews and Ratings: Look for customer reviews and ratings online to ensure that the AC service provider has a good reputation.
  • Ask for a Quote: Get a detailed quote from the AC service provider before hiring them to avoid any surprises.

Choosing the right AC service provider is crucial to ensure that your AC unit is in top condition. Here are some tips to help you choose the right AC service provider:

We understand how frustrating it can be to have a malfunctioning AC during the peak of summer. That's why we promise the fastest service across the city. Our team of well-trained and experienced staff can fix all kinds of ACs, including split, windows, ducts, and many more. All you need to do is call us at 9915204060, and our executives will take care of the rest. We offer fast and efficient service, so you can get back to enjoying a cool and comfortable home in no time.

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